A dynamic vision with an interactive and dynamic 100% real time GANTT DIAGRAM .
Visualize the progress of your tasks as you go along to better plan and coordinate. Copil + allows you to associate a dynamic calendar with each task with a start date and an end date that can be modified at any time by the administrators. As the project progresses, the application triggers alerts when the end date approaches (or is exceeded).

Too many projects are bogged down because deadlines are not met and the right decisions are made too late. The complexity and multiplicity of projects is often at stake. The dynamic and proactive calendar combined with alerts is a simple and practical solution to keep control and control the progress of projects.


In the office, everywhere, stay connected with your projects!
Copil+ is a responsive application project management software for any mobile support. 
Computer, Android or Apple tablet, the application integrates all the features with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

it is a question of keeping in touch and continuing to exchange with colleagues, commenting on a task from the office of a client, a service provider, posting a specific urgent document, participating remotely in a project management meeting. Work live, without wasting time.

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