COPIL + is for companies that operate in project mode. Often, these projects often involve several departments and several employees on a daily basis. Other companies are more concerned by their service activity because they manage customer projects or sites.  Their activity is essentially based on the responsiveness, performance and quality of their interventions.
For all of these companies, optimizing business processes to be more efficient helps to control flows, save time and plan as well as possible.

Managing and planning projects, working in teams, collaborating and sharing information, storing documents, posting comments, triggering alerts, dealing with emergencies and solving problems, Copil+ has been designed for this purpose.


Leading the steering committees with COPIL + optimizes the organization’s performance and considerably shortens decision-making times and, above all, to put the necessary decisions into action.
Keeping track of exchanges and knowing at all times the status of projects is an advantage for your organization and your customers. Create the organization that suits you and set up regular meetings with your project teams.

Emergency steering committees: according to the alerts posted by the team. Deal with and solve problems as they arise. Plan actions, inform all stakeholders in real time via notifications.

Agile steering committees: review of a daily project, analyze expenses, see if objectives are being met, view documents posted by the team, analyze performance, requalify requests, plan the next deadline…

Weekly steering committees: review of projects according to emergencies and project schedule, resolve funding issues, assign new tasks, create a new team on a project stage, manage resources, analyze the organization’s performance….