Unique BIM construction site formula

350.00 / month

> Connection to the site and the 3D model (after reading by scanners cloud of points or existing 3D IFC model).
> Planning and management by area (model spaces)
> Integration of tasks or via the dashboard on the zone by company, trade, worker/partner, subcontractor.
> Time-stamping, recording of staff hours per task, calculation of cumulations.
Projection according to the progress of tasks and horotage (late or early), alert generation.
> Notifications and alerts via the dashboard or from the construction site if problematic.
> Photos and videos of the alerts integrated in the document database.
> Complete document management.

SUBSCRIPTION Single Site at 350 €/month
– All the features described above
– Basic building package
– Number of users: unlimited
– Possibility to connect other companies on the same project: provided that it also takes out a subscription.
– Free product upgrades and updates
– Dynamic Gantt chart
– GED (electronic document management up to 10 GB
– Reporting module
– Archiving in a secure space
– Support by e-mail





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