We are experiencing a revolution with the arrival of the BIM. Businesses are changing and our practices and practices are changing. However, art and crafts remain.
For COPIL + BIM we wanted to facilitate access to these new technologies and create a real collaborative workspace that was easy to understand. In the implementation phase, working with the BIM means ensuring that the steps and tasks are logically interpretable by those who coordinate but also by those who are building on site. A construction site is alive.

COPIL+ BIM revolutionizes site monitoring by connecting people to the digital model and allowing them to track their tasks in real time and inform and alert their organization in case of a problem or simply when a task has been successfully completed. Send photos and videos, record working hours. Doing BIM without knowing it.

Want to know what’s happening on your site? You want to react in real time to coordinate and plan your teams (or even your subcontractors) Copil+ BIM is the solution.

Copil+BIM Vidéo

On site, see the tasks assigned to us, be connected to the 3D model, comment, alert post photos of your work

In the office, know what is happening on the site in real time,
track hours, see comments and task progress, coordinate teams.

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