Construction package

145.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

Beyond the know-how and expertise of companies, construction projects are exposed to hazards of all kinds that can have a more or less lasting impact on their successful completion.
Managing your construction projects requires excellent communication within teams, with subcontractors and customers. Material damage, weather, absences, forgetfulness, it is necessary to follow the evolution of the worksites as they go along. Identifying, understanding and solving problems is the daily commitment of every manager. Copil Plus allows you to organize, plan your site steps and continuously feed them with information from all trades. Working in a team with clear and shared objectives makes it possible to optimize the performance of the site organization. Keep track of the exchanges and make the necessary decisions at the right time.

– All the features described above
– Building package
– Number of users: Up to 10
– Free product upgrades and updates
– Dynamic Gantt chart
– GED (electronic document management up to 10 GB
– Reporting module
– Archiving in a secure space
– Support by e-mail

The “building” model describes the business processes of a company such as a general contractor or a builder of individual houses. Administrative/Studies/Construction/Construction/Financial. This model will automatically be delivered with your tool. It can be enriched at will. You can use it or not and also create your own business processes.





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COPIL+ partner of the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment). We are also preparing for the future.

Copil + is a partner of the Aude – Pyrénées Orientales Technology Platform for a project to renovate a building used as a demonstrator.

They chose us for their building application