Why combine Data Building and BIM?

Our Data Building offer is a site management module combined with a building data management tool.
Preserving data from construction or renovation to operate or maintain the space(s) with an optimal level of information is the purpose of our tool. The lifespan of a building and its operating cost naturally invite us to classify and qualify the data in order to make them available to the users of tomorrow; operations managers, facility managers, maintenance companies commissioned by the operator.

Our GED gathers essential construction data. With the IFC model as a support (or other 2D plan) we model the “spaces” to be built/renovated/maintained and associate them with a management module.

We make possible a real-time, multi-user use (with specific levels of rights) that allows you to visualize the work undertaken or to be undertaken in the spaces, the resources that have been mobilized and the documents associated with them.
The tool gathers the essential data of the building and a history of the interventions and works carried out.

This data is accessible from the application’s dashboard or simply from a specific area of the building with a simple smartphone thanks to our localized 3D QR code. The consultation allows to consult the data according to the rights that will have been defined on the platform (jobs, users’ missions).


Integrate historical data from consumption and usage records into Copil+.

DMS (document management) allows you to create categories and subcategories of documents, associate keywords to a document and contextual categorization of documents.

This is, in a way, the logic of BIM (Building innovation modeling) and digital modeling, used for construction and renovation (currently being generalized) applied to the entire life cycle of the building. “A document that will gather essential housing data and a history of interventions and work” summarizes Anne-Lise Deloron, Deputy Director in charge of institutional relations for the Sustainable Building Plan.

Source https://www.usine-digitale.fr

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